Monday, September 26, 2016

Random Review . . . My Russian Beast by Marian Tee


Professionally accomplished but socially awkward, Fredericka Spears can’t ask for anything else in her life except for one thing – to know the pleasure of a man’s possession. The truth is, she’s tired of being a virgin. She’s tired of pleasuring herself while fantasizing about a man she can never have. 

A man who’s beautiful, powerful, and well six years younger--

Like she says: he’s a man she can’t ever have. 

To put an end to her agony and stupid fantasies, Fredericka decides to take a lover, but guess who volunteers for the job? 

The beautiful, powerful, and younger Russian billionaire Sergei Grachyov – also known as that man she can’t ever have. 

My Review
**3.7 Stars**

The premise of this book was very good. When I read the synopsis, I thought it was going to be a great game of cat and mouse. While it was a game of cat and mouse, I can't say that I'd call it great.

Fredericka is a woman on the path of a great career, but she finds herself lacking something and decides to go for it. She chose Alexeyev, but he isn't who she ends up with. Sergei places himself in the center of her life and refuses to budge. He basically doted on her and became her best friend, but only because Fredericka wouldn't let him be more. He spent the majority of the book being her friend and waiting in the wings for her to admit to wanting more. She had a very bad experience with younger men/older women, so she held herself and, ultimately, her happiness back. I liked that she pursued what she wanted in her career and that she was successful in her own right. She honestly didn't need a man, but she desperately want one.

The things I didn't like was the fact that while Sergei doted on Fredericka, he was essential a condescending a**hole. In his head he would call her stupid or silly (not necessarily those exact words, but the meaning is there). I felt like he really loved her, but at the same time it seemed as though he thought he was better than her. I also felt that the synopsis of the book was very misleading. It repeatedly said Sergei was a man Fredericka couldn't have, she in fact she could. Literally, she could have had him at any moment. He became her best friend because she wouldn't have him. He went against all his rules and his tight control, just so she could have him. She repeatedly rejected him. It also said she decided to take a lover and Sergei volunteers; that's not quite what I got from the story, but interpretations are a big part of writing so maybe that's just me. Also, why did they keep referring to Sergei as the Russian or the Billionaire? I got that in the first chapter...he's a Russian billionaire; why repeatedly refer to him as that. It seems like Sergei would have been much easier to refer to him as. As nicknames, I think they were both bad.

Overall, the plot was well thought out and the scenes were interesting. I enjoyed reading the book and would probably recommend it to those who have an affinity for Russian billionaire romances.

Meet Marian:

Marian Tee is a Filipino-Chinese New York Times and USA Today bestselling author from the Philippines. She writes steamy and sweet romantic comedies, both paranormal and contemporary. She genuinely loves to hear from her readers and works hard to answer everyone's mails and messages. Drop her a line anytime!

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