Friday, April 24, 2015

Random Lit with T. M. Williams

When the Gloves Come Off
The one night stand…seeing that stranger, giving in to temptation...

Career driven Simone never allowed herself to be the type of woman who would do such a thing, until she saw Clyde. On a weekend getaway, she throws caution to the wind and decides, for once to enjoy herself. It’s everything she imagined it would be …until she gets home and discovers that Clyde has left her with something that will change her life forever.
**4 stars**
This book was absolutely amazing. The plot twist. . .GENIUS. The author had me despising the one person i really should have liked the whole time. I won't say much for fear of spoliers, but I loved the how all the characters were brought together under the tragedy of contracting HIV from the same man who used different names. I also enjoyed the fact that the author showed what could happen when people acted on emotions and decided to take justice into their own hands.
My favorite part of the novel was Clyde's interaction with Simone and the promise of a beautiful relationship between Remi and Simone (surprisingly it wasn't a love triangle). I wish Simone had told Remi the truth upfront, but I understand why she kept her secrets.
I must admit that I was confused in the beginning  and had to flick back and forth on my Kindle to check names and dates. I alos think that the dates in the beginning could have been left out, as there was no consistency with it throughtout the entire novel.
Overall, the story was well written and I would definitely recommend it to others.

T.M. Williams is a New Jersey Native. She currently lives in South Carolina where she is working on her next novel.