Friday, December 19, 2014

Random Lit. . . Bittersweet by Shewanda Pugh

In the aftermath of one tragic and uncertain night, Edy and Hassan shut out the chaos with a kiss. But when Hassan's traditionalist mother sees that kiss … well, a nightmare of a different sort begins. After all, he still has an arranged marriage on the horizon.
Love attacks the glue of their two bonded families; while the slow tug of success pulls Edy and Hassan in opposite directions. After denying their feelings for so long, they now have each other, but are forced to ask themselves if being together is worth it.
Shewanda Pugh has completely shifted the paradigm with Bittersweet; entirely enthralling. The amount of angst, frustration and overwhelming teenage hormones had me yanking at my hair! I loved the dynamics between Edy and Hassan; and to think they're teenagers!!!

I felt like I was able to connect with the growth of the characters between this book and the last. They were more mature, but at the same time they had that “I’m still a child” vibe. I loved the fact that even when it seemed like Edy and Hassan were growing apart and others could possibly encroaching on their territory, they were able to smooth things out and get back on track with their true selves.

The grandparents were a welcomed interruption to life. I would have loved for there to be more interaction with the connection spurned between Edy and her grandparents. On the same note of more interaction, I feel cheated on the aspect of Edy and Wyatt. I felt like there was so much left unsaid; so much more that needs to be explored.

I have to say that all in all, Shewanda has delivered yet again; as though I expected anything less! She has definitely put herself into that category where I’ll buy her books without even knowing what they’re about. Her name as an author is her best asset and I can’t wait to see what she does next. BRAVO DIVA!!!


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  1. Sounds like a very good one, one with a strong and authentic cultural setting.
    Thanks for sharing :-)