Monday, November 21, 2016

Random Release & Review . . . Reawaken His Heart by K. L. Myers

Title: Reawken His Heart
Author: KL Myers
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 21

I'm an asshole. I wasn't always this way; life has made me this way. I once believed in the good in all people, but then "life happened". I'm not religious; I don't believe in God. How can someone who created the world be so willing to take away life and all I believed in and loved?
I was young. I believed in love and forever. Brooklynn Marsden was my high school sweetheart. We grew up together in Phoenix and she became my wife. I loved life with her more than anything. Until it was over. Then I hated life and vowed I would never love a woman again.
Women became an outlet to release my pent-up frustrations. Wham bam thank you ma'am was the motto I lived for years.
Until Rylee.


Men are pigs. You heard me. Pigs. They are selfish and only concerned with what benefits them both in life and in bed. I believed in Prince Charming like every other little girl. Cinderella, Snow White, and Rapunzel, they all got the knight in shining armor who saved them from their dreary little lives and made them the happiest girls on the face of the earth.
Those were stories written for little girls, making them believe that one day a man would sweep them off their feet and worship them. BULLSHIT!!! All I've found are the court jesters and a bunch of cheaters.

Gone is the carefree girl who dreamed of fairy tales and believed in soul mates. In her place is the woman who trusts no one.
Until Braedyn.

My Review:
3.7 stars

This book told the story of Braedyn's loss of the one he loved and Rylee's loss of basically herself. It's the tale of two broken people who are scared to branch out, scared to reach for more because of the heartache they've already suffered. Braedyn was essentially ok with the way his life had turned out. He had no intent on changing anything about his routine, regardless of how bad it was for him. Rylee, on the other hand, was fed up with the way her life had turned out. She was finally finding herself and wanted to make a change to establish herself in a better way, and that stated with her surrounding herself with people who were better for her. I liked that the author gave the characters hope in the form of each other. They both felt inexplicably safe and comfortable with each other. They both had their internal struggles, but handled them differently. Rylee was more of a "wait for the hammer to drop" kind of person, while Braelyn let his internal struggles manifest physically in him being a jerk to Rylee because he didn't know how to respond.

There wee some things about the book that I didn't like. For example, Braedyn kept referring to himself as an @$$hole or a d!(&, instead of just letting his actions speak for him. Yes, he did some pretty crappy things (like the text he sent Rylee or when he basically kicked her out without an explanation - and why did she compare all his other actions to Colt, but not these things), but his character is something I wanted to discover on my own versus him telling me. I also don't think the book synopsis really fit Rylee. It gave me the impression that she was an all out man eater or someone who was completely done with love, but her character seemed to be the opposite. She still believed in love and she still hoped to find her Prince Charming, she just didn't seem to be interested in a relationship with her abusive ex.

Overall, the plot was really good and I'm glad it ended the way it did. There were no cliffhangers and for that I'm grateful. I would recommend this book to people I think would enjoy it and I would read more by this author. I'm actually looking forward to getting Gauge's story.


About the Author

KL Myers resides in Peoria, Arizona, with her husband, David.
They have two daughters, Lindsey and Cassandra, and three grandchildren, Tristyn, Weston, and Wyatt.
She considers herself an Arizona native since she has lived there for over thirty years. However, she grew up as part of a military family, moving from place to place until her father retired in Colorado.
She currently works full-time as a VP for a bank and writes in her spare time. She loves reading all genres of romance novels, so it was destined that she would write them too.
When she is not writing or reading, she enjoys spending time in the high country with her husband, relaxing in the quiet.

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