Saturday, April 5, 2014

Random Lit...My Review of Benders by Mark Eric

An easy-going young man, Monty has spent his life at a distance from those around him as he hides his unique talent to bend people’s thoughts to do anything he desires. Unaware that these abilities are being monitored, Monty exposes himself with a reckless act and puts himself in the crosshairs of Hazelton, a power-hungry uber-patriot who hunts down each bender for execution to ensure his attempt at seizing global power comes to fruition.

Mieko, Monty’s fiery lover, partners with his oldest friend in a race to find and rescue the best man she’s ever met and the only one powerful enough to save the world from Hazelton's insane plan. Those that know Monty are willing to risk it all for him. Do they have what it takes to accomplish their mission, or will their sacrifice be in vain?

Mark Eric, an up and coming indie novelist, bursts into today's fictional landscape with a refreshing blend of realistic heroes within larger than life plots. He pours his creative energy onto the page in a way that both thrills and entertains as he infuses his stories with characters that become fond friends and dreaded enemies that beg to be destroyed. 

My Review

**5 stars**

Imagine speeding down the autobahn, at least 100 MPH. Imagine the car you’re riding in is an Aston Martin Vanquish Volante; convertible top back, sun beaming on your skin, hair billowing in the wind…now imagine pushing that beautiful machine to the maximum speed and yelling at the top of your lungs as you do it. THAT is the unbelievable ride this book will take you on!

When I initially started reading this book, I was a little put off by Tristan, but only because I had read the summary and I was only expecting Monty to be the one with the “gift.” Then I found myself rooting for Tristan, wanting him to survive and escape the people chasing him. By the time Monty made his debut, I was completely enthralled with the story.

The thing I loved most about this book was the back and forth banter between Monty and Mieko. I’m a sucker for a beautiful love story and boy did Mark Eric deliver with them. I liked that it wasn’t over the top cheesy, but just enough to see how their feelings for each other were true. I loved the mercenaries, but mainly Dark – I wish there was more on him. I enjoyed every moment with Push; I would love to hear his accent to compare it to what I hear in my mind!

There wasn’t much about the book that I didn’t like, but there were a few things. One was the length of the chapters; some of them were barely a page long. When I got to chapter 70, I found myself wondering what was the point. I think if the chapter were more combined, the book would have been better. I also found it a bit odd that the entire time the mercenaries were working for Hazelton, it never occurred to them what he was actually doing to the people they caught for him. I also wished the cover was more inviting. This one didn't draw me in at all.

Overall I would definitely recommend this book to anyone and it was definitely one of the best books I’ve read in a long time.

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