Friday, October 20, 2017

Random Review . . . Balance In Death by Francesca Vance

On the final day of the Foster An Author 3 event, I'd like to thank Francesca Vance and everyone at Jo & Isa Loves Books.

"Read - Review - Repeat"

I love discovering new authors and this one will be mine from here on out, but I'm willing to share!

My Review

5 stars

I discovered this author though a program that matches blogger with readers and I was so happy because I love paranormal romance and this author does a great job of giving that.

I haven't read too many reaper novels, so this was a great little gift for me. I enjoyed Cole's character. He had that whole mysterious, sexy vibe and WINGS people. When he was presented with his biggest dilemma, all I wanted to do was hug him and help him. How could you possible reap the soul of the person you care so much about?? I loved his strength. I loved his Scottish back ground, I could just picture his voice when he spoke in the language of his home. I also loved Ava! Her character was a perfect blend of feisty and shy, but completely lovable.

I enjoyed the descriptions in this book, a great feat because sometimes authors go overboard and drown their work in descriptions and blot out the actual story itself. The book opened with Cole reaping five souls and the description of the first four was hauntingly beautiful. This was also great because it was a novella, so it was more substance than fluff.

I'm looking forward to more from this author and would recommend her to others. 


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