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I can be contacted for requests by email at or through the "Contact Me" gadget on the home screen. Please include a synopsis, book cover, available formats, and requested time frame for review. Please do not email me your file until after I have agreed to review it. If I don't have the time to review your work, I will consider an author promo.

Requests must abide by the standards listed below. I would not be comfortable featuring a novel I wouldn't read unless it is contracted through one of the promo sites I work with.

When I'm not writing, I'm reading (or eating, eating is VERY important, as is sleeping). I will read just about anything, but I do have my limits. My current favorite is Paranormal Romance. Yes, I love the idea of gorgeous alien men coming to cherish women as their life mates...sue me! I love romance period, but I get all warm and fuzzy for Sports Romance, New Adult Romance, African American Romance, Urban Romance, Interracial Romance, and College Romances. Maybe I should have just left it at "romace period," huh? LOL! I love a good crisis, but I hate a cheater, and I'm okay with cliff hangers (as long as the next book is promised to me and it isn't a year away). While romance is my first true love, I'll read just about anything with a good plot. However, there are a few genres that I won't review:

- Self-Help
- Poetry
- War (Military Romances are case by case)
- Non-fiction (Case by case depending on the topic)
- Y/A (Case by case)

If you are unsure of what category your novel would fall into, just email me.

My Rating Scale

***Please note that I no longer round up when rating. If I think your work is 3.6 stars, it still does not make it a 4 star, it will be rated as 3 stars, but the review will state the actual rating if need be.***

  5 stars - Absolutely loved it!  Would recommend it to anyone even though I hate the author for ending it! I would read it again and this book absolutely could not be any better. Because of this book, the literary gods are smiling down on us and I would buy this author's work on name credit alone.

4 stars - Great book!  It flowed smoothly with a great plot and great characters.  I would recommend it to certain people who liked the genre.  It may not be for everyone but those who do read it won't be disappointed.

3 stars - It was okay. It may have had some typos or the plot may have been a little too slow (even though it had a good story line). It could definitely be better.

 I won't rate anything less than 3 stars! My goal is to be honest, but not to crush any authors. If I feel that your book is less than 3 stars, I will not post the review. Also, I reserve the right to not post a review on my blog. However, I will do my best to email the author and let them know why I will not post a review (this will not always happen, but I'll do my best).

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