Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Random Review . . . The Proposal: A leap of Faith by Cheryl Holloway

The Proposal: A Leap of Faith

Cheryl Holloway
Contemporary Romance

March 31, 2016


Carol and Marvin love each other and have dated off and on for over ten years; however…Carol becomes jaded about the relationship when Marvin won’t ask her to marry him. Marvin's commitment to the relationship never wavers despite being afraid to commit to marriage. Finally, he wants to move their relationship to the next level—on Valentine’s Day. After a heartbreaking event and crying for days, Carol is ready and at last she thinks he is, too. Will he ask her to marry him or does he have something else on the agenda? Will commitment-phobic Marvin take the plunge… 

My Review:

3 Stars

I was able to finish this book fairly quickly - no surprise since it was just 27 pages. I found it very interesting that the author was able to tell a complete story in so few words.

I think that Carol was in the position many women find themselves in, wanting more than the man they're in a relationship is ready to give. I liked that she gave herself a timeline of sorts and that she was able to discuss it with Marvin. Most women hold it in and let it fester. I also liked that Marvin was true to himself and didn't just do things for the sake of only making others happy.

I usually stay away from stories this short because I feel like they lack the emotional involvement that comes with longer stories. This one fell into that category. I didn't get to feel Carol's anxiousness or her sorrow. I didn't get the full depth of feeling that should have come with and ending like that. 

Overall, it was a nice, short read.

Meet Cheryl:

CHERYL HOLLOWAY is an award-winning writer, talk show host, journalist, blogger and retired writer-editor for the Federal Government. Cheryl is an avid reader, dedicated writer and amazing blogger. She has been writing stories for family and friends, since she could put pen to paper. She writes contemporary romance novels and short stories. She has been featured in military publications and many other national publications. 

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