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Random Review . . . Dangerous Care by M. M. Cameron

Dangerous Care
(The Dangerous Care Saga, Book 1)

M.M. Cameron
October 31, 2016


Kathryn, an uptight physiotherapist has been hired to treat mysterious millionaire, come-action hero Madoc Pearson. Suddenly and unwittingly, she is thrown into his world of lies, danger and espionage. 

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My Review:

3.5 stars

Initially, I wasn’t sure how to receive Madoc because he gave off an air of haughtiness and arrogance that the author managed to transfer to the book itself - that's definitely a writing talent. I’m not sure if that was the intent, but it came across making him seem unlikeable. I think he was supposed to be intimidating, but only because I was actually told he was trying to intimidate Kathryn. There was more telling than showing throughout the book. For me, I don’t want to laugh because the character is cackling. I want to be told a joke and laugh on my own if I find it funny, especially in the cases where Ryanne (Kathryn's best friend) would say something that Kathryn didn’t quite find funny. It would have been better for it to feel as though Ryanne and I shared a joke at Kathryn’s expense.

I honestly didn’t get pulled into the book until roughly Chapter 16 (ish). I want to read a book that grips me within the first chapter and that didn’t happen. I think the layout of the book was meant to have Madoc and Kathryn get to know each other, but it came across as uneventful and made it seem as though the true danger didn’t make an appearance until Madoc was “healed,” so to speak. That made it seem unrealistic. The terrorists were watching him and knew that he was injured. It would have made more sense for them to attack him when he was weakest. I think it would have made more sense for them getting to know each other better to be parallel with the looming danger. It would have made the book more interesting sooner.

I also wish there was more background on Madoc and Kennedy. She entered the picture as a source of contentment and somewhat staked a claim on Madoc, but she disappeared just as quickly - strange since she was essentially the face of Madoc's business front. With the way she attacked Kathryn's character, I expected more from her. I'm glad it didn't turn into a love triangle, but more details would have been interesting. There was no closure to her character, she just disappeared.

I felt like Madoc also lied unnecessarily to Kathryn about his reasoning for giving her the cold shoulder the second time around. She knew what his job was at that point and she knew the danger he faced. It seems like it would have been easier for him to tell her that she too would be affected by that danger, especially since he ended up having to go after her anyway. I also felt like with their level of expertise, it should have been obvious who was the new target of the terrorists. With all their technology, that one should have been figured out much sooner, but it did add that level of intrigue that some novels lack. The descriptions and the scene building were amazing. It was very easy to picture the locations within the novel.

Overall, I liked the book and would read more from this author.

Meet MM Cameron:

MM Cameron is an assistant professor, mother and therapist who loves writing fiction in every spare moment. A wine-sipper and food- lover, she spends her free days chasing little feet and traveling the world with her large family. Growing up in Northern Canada provided her the inspiration for many of the settings illustrated in her novels. Her rural upbringing exposed her to many strong female role models, which continues to influence her understanding and development of lead female characters. 

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