Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Random Review . . . Night of the Zandians by Renee Rose & Rebel West

The Zandians have taken back their planet. Now they need brides.

All human females have been assigned to mates. Yes, mates, multiple.
I've been given to three handsome males—cousins. Huge, purple, and horned, they act like they want to eat me for breakfast.
After what I've been through with previous slave masters, I don't know how I'll survive this. But I have to. It's adapt or be sent off-planet, which would mean my death, considering I'm wanted for murder.

My mates cannot find out I'm not able to reproduce. I need to keep my secret, figure out a way to survive, stay focused. But when the Zandian warriors claim me, they make me forget my past and scream with pleasure.
I can't let myself fall for them.
If they learn my secret, I'll lose more than my life.
I'll lose my heart.

My Review:

**4 stars**

So far, I've enjoyed all of the Zandian books. This one was no different. I loved the guys, especially Tarren. Something about him being the biggest and gruffest endeared him to me.

I was so sad that Riya lived with such fear. I kept thinking to myself, why hasn't Lamira told Zander how what he's saying may sound to some of the human females. It made the book more interesting, but I hated seeing her so scared, especially knowing that she'd lived her entire life in fear.

The pace of the story and all the suspense from not knowing how the guys would react to her secret, made for excellent entertainment and I was truly surprised by their reaction.

All in all, I enjoyed it and look forward to the next book based off of the sample left at the end of this one.

**I received an ARC and voluntarily reviewed.**


“Listen.” I pull my hands of out of theirs and place them on my hips. “You think you want me for your mate?” I look up at their handsome faces—their square jaws, smooth, hairless peachy-purple skin. Hungry eyes.

Three pairs of horns lean in my direction. Three males nod.
I shake my head. “I’m not the being you want. I won’t make a good mate.”

“Veck that,” Jax says immediately. “You’re ours.”

I take a step back and my ass hits the wall. The three of them advance on me. “Y-you don’t even know me. You don’t know anything about me.” I hate how much higher my voice sounds.

“I know you.” It’s Tarren who speaks this time, even though he’s usually the silent one. “I know you’re brave and stubborn.”

I’m stunned momentarily by this observation. They’re the last words I expected from his mouth. 

“I know you’re sensitive, despite your tough act. You care deeply for the beings around you, regardless of their species. You risked your life to save others during the battle.”
My breath stalls in my chest. Tarren’s gaze locks on mine and he pins me with it, right to the wall. He takes a step closer.

“So did you.” My voice is hoarse.

My whole life I’ve been a barcode. I had human friends, yes, but I’ve never been seen as anything but a commodity. 

I thought that’s how Tarren and his cousins saw me, too.
Tarren lowers his voice and dips his head, bringing his sensual lips toward me until they hover just a whisper from my temple. “I know you blush when you think about me claiming you.”

My panties dampen, pussy clenching at his words—at the heat of his skin, so close to mine. “I know the way your ass fills my palms.”

I bite my lips to keep in the gasp. My buttocks clench, as if to remind me of how it felt to have him cupping my cheeks.

“I know the scent of your arousal.” His gaze trails down to my breasts, where my nipples protrude through the fabric of my tunic. “I smell it now.”
I can’t hold back the tiny whimper that escapes my lips. I squeeze my quaking thighs together to alleviate the throb of my clit.

Ronan drags the hem of my tunic up slowly, as if I won’t notice. When I try to bat his hand away, he just grins. It’s an impish smile, one that puts me at ease, despite the audacity of his movements. “I just have to see your panties.” He winks. “Just a peek, Riya?”

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