Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Random Reveal . . . Revenge of the Pirate Twins by Brandy Golden

**Cover Reveal**

She wants vengeance, he wants her.

Revenge of the Pirate Twins by Brandy Golden

Release Date: April 5, 2018

Twin sisters, Frankie and Kat Fontaine, are willful, undisciplined, highly skilled in weapons, and fiercely determined to find the infamous master of the black pirate ship called the Nemesis. Jacques LaSalle, the owner of that ship, is the blackguard that attacked their father’s merchant vessel, killing their father and abducting their mother. First they will find out what happened to their mother, and then they will have their revenge.

Jacques LaSalle is intrigued and amused when he hears that a beautiful raven haired woman has been scouring the Caribbean for him and intends to challenge him. No one has ever bested Jacques in a fight but he soon finds that Frankie is much more of a challenge than he thought. He intends to claim her for his own if she’ll stop trying to kill him long enough.

Morgan MacAlister is the pirate governor of the new colony, the Pirate’s Hideaway, and his gut instincts tell him that trouble is coming to his island paradise. When the mighty Aphrodite sails into his harbor carrying a set of twin sisters, the gorgeous redheaded sprite of the duo sets his senses on fire.

It’s a hot time on the high seas when the two arrogant men figure out that the twins have the power to rock their worlds. But the girl’s haughty attitude and lack of respect may well earn them several trips over a knee before it’s all said and done.

About Brandy:

I am a sweet romance writer with a bit of the hot and spicy. I love to create wonderful
fantasies with strong alpha males who love to take their women in hand and love them
like they've never been loved before! I write stories to lose yourself in and I hope you will
love mine and come back for more.I work a full-time job, live in the midwest with my
family and love pictures and scrapbooking. I have five children, two of whom are
married and between them, I have six grandchildren. I live in the country and I love
cowboy stories and I’ve written a few of those too. And of course, I’m an avid reader,
especially stories with a lovely brat who gets her bottom warmed when it's deserved.

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