Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Random Review . . . Lovesick by TL Smith


Title: Lovesick
Author: TL Smith
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 1



I couldn’t do broken.

Broken is what he was.

Broken is what I will always be.

To his eyes, that held so much despair, I couldn’t look for long.

To his fist, that clenched so tightly, like he was locking away the sorrow.

To his lips, that never uttered a word, from the years of heartbreak.

And despite it all, I couldn’t stay away from him.

It was like he was drowning in an ocean, and I wanted to grab his face, and whisper to his lips, 

“Don’t forget to breathe.”

This was how I fell for a man. A man who was so lovesick, I was afraid he would drown me in that same ocean he was lost in.


**3.5 STARS**

I was really pulled in by the prologue. First thought was, DON'T OPEN THE DOOR!!! Of course, the door was opened...

I liked the characters and the relationship between the sisters. I expected it to turn into a surrogate situation, but I'm actually glad it didn't. I liked that the guys were so close. Let's face it, when each of you have a little sick and twisted in you, you can't help being that close. I was very happy that Keegan was able to regain her independence after all that she'd been through. Removing yourself from a situation like that is hard and it takes an inherent strength that a lot of people don't have. 

I didn't like that she went right into a situation that could have been just as bad for her, at least emotionally. Kohl was a good guy (if you overlook the whole enforcer thing), but no matter how happy she seemed with him, he wasn't right for her. He was selfish - ridiculously selfish, especially considering he knew his best friend liked her. And Macca! Macca was ridiculously foolish. He didn't think he could be what she needed (even though all signs pointed to him being just that) so just step aside and let the friend who will never love her like she deserves to be loved have her because he needs some happiness in his life...what???? No! Let him be happy at everyone else's expense? I couldn't see any of these characters just stepping aside like that, especially not Macca - he's literally a stone cold killer.

I also felt like there were some unanswered questions. Why did the wife and daughter leave the house after he did? Where were they going? How exactly did the second car accident happen? Was it on purpose?

Overall, I liked this book. The author has a really great writing style and I'd read more from her.


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