Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Random Release & Review . . . A Hunter Within by Anna Applegate


A Hunter Within
by Anna Applegate

Available on Kindle Unlimited

Series: The Alliance of Power; Book 1
Genre: Paranormal Romance

My name is Jules Parker, and I'm a Research Scientist. I landed an internship at Falcone Industries, the most prestigious pharmaceutical company in the country, though it's not what I'd hoped. After all, there's hardly a fine line between taking a volunteer and shackling someone down before injecting poison into their body. After secretly witnessing that horror, I'm in an uncomfortable situation.

Then, there's Seeley Ronan. Who is he, you might ask? Well, he's a Vampire King. And yes, I said vampire. He saved my life, and now we seem to be ... connected. He's sexy, dangerous, and a major distraction, who says Falcone is run by rogue hunters who are harming innocent vampires in a quest for power.

Seeley is desperate to protect his people, and needs my help to do it. But that means turning my back on the only path I've ever known. My heart and mind are in a tug-of-war and with my heart quickly becoming his, it's not likely I'll be able to deny him.

What I do know is that I'm in way over my head. As long as I can keep it together, we might be able to bring Falcone down from the inside. But, my world is about to change in a big way, and I'm not sure any of us will be ready for what comes next.

My Review:


The premise for this book was pretty good. I liked that Jules was going for what she wanted in life and that she was so dedicated to her goals. I also liked that she had a very strong moral compass. I also liked Seeley's character - no surprise there, I like all hot male characters (even villains, lol).

Unfortunately, I didn't connect with the story. For me it became pretty predictable early on. Although I liked it, there was no surprising or whoa-factors for me and after a while it seemed to just drag on.

While this didn't work for me, I don't think it was a bad book and would still recommend it to those I think would enjoy it.

**I received an ARC and voluntarily reviewed.**


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About the Author

Anna Applegate is a paranormal romance and urban fantasy author. She started out as an avid reader who kept finding that she wanted an extra scene, or alternate ending in the books she was reading. After being challenged to try to write her own story, the words poured out of her and she has pursued writing ever since.

Anna loves reading, romance of ALL kinds, sappy chick flicks, paranormal literature, Disney, nerdy fandoms and having an imagination.

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