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Random Review . . . The "Love Ain't Shh..." Series by Obsession


The "Love Ain't Shh..." Series

Cracked (Book 1) 

1 March 2016
173 pages
"One of the most bizarre love stories that you'll ever read..." 


Erika and Dominique are drowning in a loveless marriage. 
Having done everything in her power to save it, Erika throws in the towel when not 1, not 2, but 3 of her husband’s mistress’s show up at their home. Shattered and fed-up, she embarks on a path of vengeance that neither of them are prepared for… 

Tired of being on the back burner, Kizzy shows up at Dominique’s home to claim what’s hers. For a half a decade, she’s been on the sideline and she’s about had enough of it… 

It was only sex, fun and games for Yadee, until she broke the side chick cardinal rule and caught feelings. Now she wants her cake and to eat it too. 

Kae is a monkey wrench in everyone’s plans… a surprise that undoubtedly alters the competition for Dominique’s love. 

Told from the perspective of a broken wife, Cracked is an unsettling tale about two seasoned lovers, haplessly racing towards a devastating and chilling end.


I lower to my knees and rest my head at his feet.

“You want me to beg? Okay. I’ll beg…”

The look of desperation on my face drew out a belly laugh; me hurting is like the funniest thing he has ever seen.

“It amuses you and fulfills some sick need to see me beg at your feet like this, doesn’t it?”

He laughs even harder.

I stand up, and hover over him. Fuming… infuriated with his blatant disrespect for my feelings. Wine plus pinned up emotions, equals a drunken outburst. And that’s exactly what he’s about to get.

“You are unbelievable! I feel tricked, bamboozled! You are not the man that I married Dominique! If you were going to treat me like this, why did you make me your wife?!” I question.

He leans back with a stupid smirk on his face and locks his fingers behind his head.

“You want to know the truth? Okay. Here’s the truth. Erika I married you because you were the best of a lot of bad options. You were the prettiest trash out of all of the trash in that god forsaken town; does that answer your question?”

Secrets in his closet (Book 2)
19 April 2016
107 pages
"Oh, what a terrible price we pay when we become someone’s secret…" 

A tragic death. 

A chance meeting. 

A couple of fist fights, and a few toe-curling blow jobs 
Is all it takes for Kinnan, an over the top loud mouthed player, to fall head over heels in love with Landon, a gorgeous narcissistic bastard. 

Landon’s a cheater, and a liar, who is extremely violent, and Kinnan loves every bit of it. That’s until Kinnan discovers (after changing himself inside and out) that he’s just another player in Landon’s sick twisted game, and by that time… it’s too late. 

Secrets in his closet, pulls you into the lives of an expert manipulator and his victim. Their one-night stand abruptly turns into a world wind love affair that will leave them both devastated, disgraced, and dead.

The music is blasting and he’s focused on the road, at least I thought. Coming up on a red light, I see that as my chance to jet. Before he even comes to a complete stop, I open the door and launch out, but I don’t even get a foot on the ground.

“Get your crazy ass back in this car! Really Kinnan!” He says before smacking the shit out of me.

I’d had enough of this one-night stand roughing me up, so I clock him so hard in the jaw his teeth clicked. We trade licks and what starts off as a boxing match, ends in a lip lock. It was so sudden. His hand snakes around my waste and roughly pulls me into his side. He bites my lip to gain control and when I settle down he slips his tongue in my mouth. We dance; tonguing one another down like he’d just come home from Iraq or prison.
“Where do you live Kinnan?”
“On North Avenue and Halsted, right next to the Apple store.” I answer.
“Is there someone there waiting for you?” he asks
“No, I’m single.”
He gives me another long, hard, passionate kiss and then pushes me over into my seat.
“Not anymore.”
I just stare at him wondering how and why am I allowing a complete stranger to handle and control me in this way; a gorgeous, domineering stranger. He makes the butterflies in my stomach salsa. He makes my heart beat double time. I feel so vulnerable, but desired by him. He has me sitting here thinking stupid shit like, I don’t care how many times he beats me, as long as he loves me long time afterwards. I was so mad at Kendrae for how he allowed Dominique to treat him, but here I am in a crazy situation myself. I know without a shadow of a doubt, that Landon and I are going to have a something that people won’t ever understand.
The Final Lie (Book 3)
1 February 2017
87 pages

"But my wife Saisha is a lying sack of shit, that turns good men into sociopaths with her he mind-blowing sex and lack of it. While I risk my sanity to please her, she's having sexual play dates all over the city of Chicago with random men. I realize I married her under false pretenses, but I used that as an opportunity to love her even better than before. My efforts to make her feel like the luckiest woman on earth has left me with a list of lies and a broken heart. God I love that beautiful, filthy slut. She's my everything... TOO BAD SHE HAS TO DIE."

I wipe the blood trickling from my forehead on the sleeves of my shirt. Kyland was right, I didn’t expect for him to put up such a fight, I underestimated him, my bad. I give him another kick to the face and then I attempt to pick his little short ass up; I need him on the bed for what I’m about to do to him.

            “Since you like that freaky kinky shit, you wouldn’t mind being tied up, now would you?” I brought rope, a cutter, a saw, a sledge hammer, and a host of other fun things.

            “I know you can’t hear me talking to you, because you got knocked the fuck out, but we have to make this quick because Saisha’s on her way.” I say tying his hands to each side of the headboard. Saisha tends to talk, answer the phone and even text in her sleep; not remembering a damn thing in the morning. I tape up his mouth and stand back and look at him. This piece of shit fucked my wife in my home… fuck this, he’s about to be wide awake for the shit I’m about to do. I toss the champagne on the side of the bed and hurl the bucket of ice in face.
            “Wake up, muthafucka.”
Shaking his head and trying to catch his breath, Kyland looks at me with fear in his eyes. He’s wincing from the pain of his broken ankle, but he refuses to blink; maybe it’s because of the sledge hammer resting against my leg. 
            “Now I’ve kept my mouth closed all of this time. I’ve known about you and Saisha for a while now, and for a minute I was appreciative for you being able to put a smile on her face; because a smile from my wife is hard to come by.” I slowly lift the sledge hammer up and place it on my shoulder. “You took being disrespectful to a whole other level when you decided to bang my wife in our bed; the bed I paid for.” I dig in my pocket and pull out his cufflink. “KJ, that’s you, right? You see where being trifling and sloppy has gotten you Kyland? Fucking with Saisha has landed you in some deep shit.”
He’s yanking at the ropes and mumbling through his taped mouth. You can tell he’s scared to death, but he’s still trying to talk shit like he’s hard.
            “Punk, shut up, before I bust your shit. Any minute now Saisha is going to text you that she’s on her way. I set her phone alarm to wake her up forty-five minutes from when I’d arrive here; I wanted to have some fun with you first.” I take the hammer and point it at his right knee. “You tried to hit me with that, didn’t you?”
Kyland shakes his head no, but I call him a liar and bring the sledge down on his knee as hard as I can; drawing a long-muffled cry from him.

**My Review**
4 stars
The books fall in to the drama genre, but clearly they need to create a genre specifically for them and label it "crazy as f*&$."
That being said, the psycho in me is always thrilled when Obsession releases a new book because I know there will always be at least one fellow psycho who makes you love and sympathize with them, even if they go too far (read the synopsis of each book, trust me, they go too far).
These books touch on very difficult situations and the things we do for love, sometimes ridiculous, sometimes unwarranted, and sometimes with our best intentions. Regardless of the reasons, these characters did a lot for love because they expected that same love and devotion in return. Did they get it? Read the books and find out. You won't be disappointed.
The books tended to have quite a few clichés that I didn't like. They could have been left out and the story would have progressed perfectly fine without it. Also, I liked the covers of books one and two, but I didn't too much like the cover for book three. These are not full length books, which the author does disclose, but I feel like more character development could have been included in books two and three, which would have essentially made them longer.
Overall, a good series. Looking forward to more from the author.
Meet Obsession:

Author, poet, & photographer, born & raised on the west side of Chicago.

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