Sunday, September 25, 2016

Random Review . . . Warrior's Providence by Stephanie West


Providence worked hard to become one of the first women to join her pararescue squad. It was difficult being one of the guys and yet not, all at the same time, but she was up for the task. Besides, there was nothing more satisfying than helping your fellow man, it was what she was born to do. Never in a million years did Providence expect to find herself abducted from a routine mission off the Florida coast by...ALIENS. 
Dagaa and Madhava, once enemies, became fast friends after a centuries long civil war. Both of them were beyond ready to see Cadi enter a new era. But now they face a new battle, convincing all of Cadi to embrace and rescue the Toufik, their former slaves, from a dying planet. It wasn't going to be an easy task. Infighting threatened their hard won peace and put Cadi at risk from a new foe. With so much at stake Madhava and Dagaa are blindsided when they find a fiery-haired human female on their enemy's ship. Providence's bold and loving nature awakens a side that both warriors had long since forgotten. The only problem, can Dagaa and Madhava share her affection, and can Providence withstand the love of not just one, but two overprotective warriors. Only fate knows a warrior's providence. 
Note: This book involves M/F/M scenes. 

My Review
**3.5 Stars**

I enjoyed this book. I loved that Providence was so level-headed and that she saw beauty and understanding where others didn't. I liked that she remained true to herself and her feelings. She was able to fall in love with two completely different men (Madhava's scarred, yet rugged  and Dagaa's playfully handsome) while doing everything in her power to keep them from going against each other and making them realize she was more important than their beliefs on how they thought she should be treated. She wanted them to remain equal and eventually made them see that in her heart, they were.

I didn't like that the book seemed more like a TV series. Sometimes it picked up where one chapter left off and other times it seemed like there was something missing and it was more of an episode I watched last week instead of a continuous book. That wouldn't have been an issue except it made it seem more like the author just wrote something to keep it going (like an obvious filler) and it made it seem longer than it needed to be.

Overall it was a good read and I'd recommend it to others who read this genre.

Meet Stephanie:

The books I write contain little snippets from my life. I leave that to you to decide which ones. I am far braver and bolder than is likely sensible, so my heroines are just as gutsy. I'd probably be categorized as an adrenalin junky. My life has been an adventure. I've done archaeology in the hot sun, am well versed with power tools, took tae kwon do in college, have ridden on a Harley with a dark stranger, but never met an alien, that I know of.
I began writing when I was younger but set the hobby aside as life got in the way. Now that I'm older I've picked it back up again. 
As a child I had a hard time learning to read so anything I took an interest in was deemed acceptable since "I was reading." 
I enjoy fairy tales, the older unsanitized versions as well as the modern ones, mythology, science fiction, action and romance, or as I like to call them grocery store porn. For some reason I have always found that as I read my mind likes to spin its own tales. 
My stories are always a bit tawdry featuring a heroine who is gifted in some way and will always end happily ever after. It is my opinion this is meant to be entertainment and a depressing ending is not entertainment. Real life offers enough depressing crap. 
My apologies for my horrific grammar, it was something I never seemed able to latch on to, probably connected to the slow reading thing. Believe me people have tried. I truly hope that my fairy tale makes up for it. So here's to the imagination and a little daydream.

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