Friday, April 25, 2014

Random Lit... His Bahamas Affair


My Review - 3.5 stars
My overall impression of this book is that it had a good plot that kept me interested in wanted to know what happened next. I most enjoyed the fact that the author was able to bring two unlikely characters together while giving them a twist that was unexpected. The book wasn’t sickly sweet, but it had moments where Reno was the epitome of what a romance novel should revolve around. I liked that in spite of her struggles and what she had been through Lori was able to be everything Reno needed and more, even when he was too stubborn to realize it. Christina Ow also did an mazing job on the erotic scenes (although I expected there to be more).

What I didn’t like about the book is something that I’m struggling to put into words. This was book two of a series and although it read like a stand alone, I found myself wanting to go back and read book one. I felt like I was missing some essential character development. The many references to Reno’s ex-wife left me wanting a lot more background on her. While I liked that Lori was able to put her issues aside, it made t seem unrealistic that she would actually do as much as she did for Reno when he basically abandoned her. What I really didn't like was Lori's way of testing to see if she had been raped; that made absolutely no sense to me and again it seemed unrealistic.

While this book didn’t have me on the edge of my seat, I think I would still recommend it to a few people.


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