Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Random Eye Candy... My Muse

A few weeks ago (maybe longer, I'm the worst with timeframes and memory in general) a fellow writer shared her muse with us. I was QUITE JEALOUS because she had claimed him, but I figured oh-what-the-heck, I guess I'll just have to find my own; however, this was after much sulking and fuming.  Here's the link for "her" muse and his delicious photo
Now there's no question about it, Mr. Elba could undoubtedly spark a flame of creativity in just about anyone (unless you're blind, deaf, and just plain old crazy...or male), but he's taken, so I can't claim him and I'm sure Aja's not willing to share :-(
So, I say all of that to say, thanks to Aja, I finally found my muse!
Now, you may be wondering why there are two pictures instead of one since I didn't say muses (I'm wondering if I'm using that word correctly or if I just made it up, but I refuse to stop and check because I'm so distracted by my muse) well, to answer the question, I saw the two and decided I had to have them both. I had to blend them into one (there's no law against that, is ther?). Either way, based off of these two chocolate chunks (chips would be defaming their characters), here's my description...ENJOY!!
I stared at him again and found myself in that moment where you couldn’t really describe how a person looked because handsome wouldn’t do them justice. He was tall, well over six feet. His skin was smooth and dark, chocolate at its finest; a tattoo peeked out from behind the collar of his shirt. I was sure that beneath the long-sleeved shirt he wore, he would be covered in them. Muscles…oh-em-gee muscles; not the kind that made you wonder if they were too big or you’d be grossed out by veins popping out everywhere, but a perfect physique, Geek god worthy. His lips…sweet Jesus, those lips. They looked pillow soft, outlined by a perfect goatee and mustache. His hair was cut low on the sides and in the back; the top was low as well, but just long enough to hint at a curly mane if he decided to grow it out. Thick, unruly eyebrows and eyelashes framed jet black eyes.

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