Lovely Lies

            My mom thinks I’m working at the restaurant. I tell her I took an extra shift and I’ll be home late. She says she needed a break from me anyway. Whatever. I throw my keys into my purse and go inside the club. I see a few men by the stage - none of them Kalil - and a woman behind the bar, who waves me over.

“You’re Minx?” she asks.


“Kalil said to look out for the new girl, that’s you, right?”

“Oh, yeah. I’m Minx.”

“Well come on back, let me show you a few things. Put your purse and keys in this safe, only open it before we open and after we close, only the barmaids use this one. If you miss the cutoff use one of the lockers in the back. Wear this for your tips.”

She tosses me a garter. I quickly slip it on my thigh as the three men approach us.

“This the new chick?”

“Minx, meet Chino, Ralphie, and Bruce. Anybody mess with you, their hands linger too long when they giving you tips, being disrespectful, let them know.”

I smile and shake their hands. Bruce doesn’t let go.

“I’m sorry, but I gotta ask," he says.

I know the question before he asks it, especially with the shorts I’m wearing. He thinks my butt is fake. It’s actually not that big, the rest of me is just small. I tell him it’s real.

“Well that’s nice, but my question was can I touch it?”

“Get out of here Bruce, you’re supposed to protect her, not harass her," Cari says and pushes him away before going back into her training spill.

By the end of the night I’ve spilled a million drinks and messed up just as many orders. I’m tired and not looking forward to the drive home. Surprisingly, I made about $250 in tips. Cari said once I get the hang of it, I’ll make more. I can sacrifice a little sleep for that. As expected, I felt hands all over me all night. Not looking forward to that part. I grab my purse from the safe and head to the door. Just as I step outside I hear someone call my name; my real name. I haven’t seen him all night. Just the thought of seeing him now causes butterflies to take up real estate in my stomach. I pretend I don’t hear him and keep walking. I push the auto start on my mom’s car and within seconds of the club’s door closing he’s next to me. I can’t look at him. Those eyes will tear me apart. I’m already drunk off his scent again.

He gently grabs my arm and says, “Never walk out here by yourself.”

I’m instantly awake. His touch burns into my arm, sends shockwaves deep into me. I stop walking and glance up at him. I think he feels it too because he quickly drops his hand. Too late. I still feel his touch and I want it again. "Okay.” I reluctantly walk away although I think he’s watching me. I glance back to make sure. He is and he’s frowning as if trying to figure something out. Before slipping into the car I say, “Have a good weekend.”

When I finally make it home, I sneak into my room and take a quick shower. Even though I’m tired I can’t fall asleep. I can’t shake his image from my head. I can’t get the smell of him out of my nose. I can’t fight the urge to feel him. For the first time in a long time I touch myself. I let my hands become Kalil’s hands. I love the way they feel against my skin. Gently pinching my nipples…slowly caressing my thighs…slipping two fingers inside of me. I welcome his touch, yearn for it. I erupt quickly. My body convulses. I bite my bottom lip to keep from yelling out. I needed that. Sleep comes easily. 

            I graduated from high school today. My mom actually showed up long enough to see me walk across the stage. She actually looked like she was proud of me. That had to be my imagination though because she disappeared before the ceremony was done. I’ve been working at the club for a while now and I avoid Kalil at all costs. It’s not hard though. When he’s here he’s usually in his office or entertaining VIP guests. Women throw themselves at him, literally. Every blue moon one gets lucky and he leaves with her. I actually have the audacity to be jealous…imagine that. It should be me he leaves with. Since that night in the parking lot he’s said little to nothing to me. I think I’m in love with him. Every once in a while he lets me catch him watching me, but he never says much. I guess that’s okay, since every other word out of his mouth is a curse word. When the VIP guests request “the tall waitress with the fat ass” he makes up an excuse. That’s the case tonight and it pisses me off. I’m not sure what pisses me off more, the fact that he doesn’t want me around or that he’s messing with my tips. I’m still practical, so of course I go with the fact that he doesn’t want me around. I watch him for a while knowing that sooner or later he’ll leave the guys he’s with. When he does, I follow him. He smiles when he sees me coming towards him then ducks into the men’s room. I hesitate as two guys come out then make my way inside. I freeze like a deer caught in headlights. He’s leaning against the wall with his arms folded across his chest and the bastard is smiling at me.

“I’m impressed, didn’t think you would come in.”

Those damned eyes. I fold my arms across my chest, mimicking his stance.

“I know they asked for me.”


“And you told them no.”


I’m pretty sure I had a snappy comeback, but just as I’m about to speak the door opens and a few guys walk in.

As I look back at them, Kalil says, “Occupied.”

They look around in confusion then turn and walk back out. When I look back at Kalil, he’s frowning. He looks dangerous again. I shiver slightly as goose bumps cover my arms. When the door closes his frown disappears.

He asks, “You cold?”


“Because you shivered.”

“Why did you tell them no, Kalil?” I’m irritated. He stares at me as if contemplating answering, but doesn’t. I put my hands on my hips. His eyes follow my hands then drop lower. I can only imagine what he’s thinking. I wish he would actually do it. Wait…I do? "Up here, Kalil!" I clap my hands in front of my face to get his attention. He takes his time bringing his eyes back up to mine. I should have let him keep them where they were. His gaze is smoldering. I couldn’t look away even if I wanted to. I don’t want to.

“I need you to close tonight," he says.

I frown. Not what I expected him to say. “I can’t, if I close that puts me getting home after…” Damn him, he almost had me. “I don’t close.” He smiles and begins to walk to me. I’m not sure why, but I back away. Stupid bathroom door. I’m stuck. He stops in front of me, inches away from our bodies touching. I frown and ask, “What are you doing?”

He asks, “Can you please close tonight?”

This isn’t about me; he just needs me to cover for Cari. “No, ask one of the other girls.”

“I’m not asking anymore, I’m telling. You’re closing tonight.”

Before I can respond the door opens causing me to fall forward. He makes no attempts to move or stop me from falling. I land against his chest and he wraps one arm around my waist to hold me steady. I’m putty in his hands and I think he knows it.

“Occupied!" he says as he uses his free hand to stop it from swinging open any further and possibly hitting me.

“Sorry boss, we got a situation.”

It’s Bruce. Effortlessly, Kalil lifts me and places me behind him. “Don’t move," he says.

He’s not the boss of me. Wait, he actually is. I quickly slip past him and hurry back to the bar. 

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